The White Shit
December 31, 2006, 5:39 am
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So i was at work tonight and I had this crazy thought come to my mind. If I put bleach with shit will the shit turn white? So I tell the guys about it and they didn’t know the answer and wanted to find out also. I take a cup and a lid and I walk into the bathroom then headed to an open stall. I took a squat pushed hard and shit right into the cup.

So I hide the cup in the bathroom for a couple hours until the time was right. A couple hours pass and I take the cup outside to the back and I take a bottle of bleach to. I pour the bleach into the cup, put the lid o and hide it in a corner. An hour or so passes and we all go out to look at it and what do you know, the shit turned white (well actually very light gray but close enough). I’m glad I finally answered one of the many mysteries in life.


Don’t Mess With Power
December 29, 2006, 7:28 pm
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So apparently the first executioner box I made had a fuse in the plug end of the cord which I couldn’t get to. So I scrapped the end of the wire and then cut off the other end of an electric shavers cord (you know, the curly kind). I tied those two wires at the end and covered it with electrical tape, put on gloves, and plugged it in. After hitting the alligator clips together (sparks are fun) I suddenly smelt burning rubber and saw smoke. I immediately unplugged it.The electric razor wire was smoking and became distorted. I picked up the melted wire and it was hot, I could feel it through my gloves. So I carried the wire to the bathroom and threw it in the sink and covered it with water.

I recommend that people never try this it obviously is highly dangerous and I honestly have no fucking idea what I’m doing. Since the electric shaver cable was to risk I replaced it with an indoor extension cable with three outlets on the end. I cut off that end and put it on, hopefully that will work better and be much safer.

Executioner Box Is a Shocker
December 29, 2006, 4:11 am
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Okay, so today I was surfing the web and stumbled over something called the “Executioner Box”. What the tutorial I found online pretty much said was to connect an AC power lamp cord to a phone outlet then to a phone chord with alligator clips on then end (if you wanna connect it to a TNI box). However I decided to modify that idea and created it a little differently. Instead of connecting the AC cable to the phone outlet I connected it straight to the alligator clips. I’m pretty sure that will work since all an outlet is is kind of like a modular plug or a coupler.

So I tested it out by plugging it into an AC outlet (I had rubber gloves of course) and hitting the alligator clips together. At first it didn’t work but then I realized the switch was off. So I turned on the switch and hit the alligator clips together. All of a sudden A pretty good size blue spark shot out of the outlet and my hair stood up on end. I’m gonna test it out on the night of the second and I promise I will post the results (especially with a dial-up PC on the other end things might get interesting). But damn did my hair get frizzy, it still feels weird.

My Sister
December 27, 2006, 5:14 am
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Well this winter break my sister came over for the holidays. We started talking and I decided to ask her for some help. You see, along time ago I drank a bottle of my parent Absolut Citron vodka and filled it with water. So I told my sister about what I did. She told me my mom almost drank it and that we needed to replace it. So the next day she drove me to the liquor store and bought me a bottle (getting out of the house without the parents wanting to come was even more complicated but i don’t feel like explaining it). So from their on it was up to me. My mom was in her room sleeping when we got back and my dad was watching t.v. So my sister got my dad to leave for the garage. So once the coast was clear I switched the bottles. Phew that was a close call though. Gotta love older sisters.

Concentrators & Fat Chicks
December 27, 2006, 5:00 am
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Okay, this week I haven’t really been “Blogging” much since I’ve been busy but ill try to write what I remember. So me and Oscar sneak out at two with my beige box, wire strippers, and needle nose pliers. We walk down the road and head to the concentrator right by our street. So we unlock the concentrator by unscrewing the hex nuts and the cover just pops right off. Once inside we see hundreds of wires (only two were connected to each other doesn’t make sense but eh its bell south). So we strip the first set of wires we find connect the alligator clips and what do you know, it worked! We got a dial tone and immediately called my cell to get the number. I still don’t know who it is they’ve never answered yet.

So we see the second pair of wires and we decide to strip those to. Once again we hook up the clips and immediately call my cell. And to both of our surprise it was my house phone. So that was the end of that beige boxing session of the concentrator.

Now it was about two in the morning now (we left at one) and we decided we still weren’t done. So we took a short hike to this girls house who we both hate. We immediately went right to the TNI box. Once we got their though we were out of luck. We forgot to bring a screwdriver. So once our phreaking attempt failed we felt like we still had to do some damage so we unscrewed her cable and left. And well that was the end of that night.

Beige Boxed
December 19, 2006, 4:29 am
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Yeah today I made my first beige box and it was kind of awesome. Me and Oscar went to CVS and got a phone and hooked it up to the beige box, then we hooked that up to my neighbors house (which no one was living in).

It definably was an adrenaline rush hooking it up. Especially since a cop lives right down the street in clear view and the fact that he was outside. So we unscrewed the telco box only to discover another box inside. Since we didn’t have a hex wrench on us we decided to completely rip of that inside door. So we took the screw driver and pried the hinges off then we completely ripped the bolt out (the boxes are made out of cheep plastic).

So almost immediately we got the box working, I connected the clips to the screws while he check for a dial tone, and like that we got one. We immediately tried to dial his cell number to see if it really did work. However we forgot that the service was canceled since theirs no one living their. However we also found a concentrator so hopefully we can get that working.

Game Got Pwnt
December 18, 2006, 4:55 am
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game says (11:39 PM):
look at sam’s dad

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:39 PM):
especially comparing to this one,6068.0.html

game says (11:39 PM):
tell me he isn’t hot

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:39 PM):
you creep me out

game says (11:40 PM):

Sam says (11:40 PM):
ahaha yeah me too..

game says (11:40 PM):
he really doesn’t look his age though
or atleast in that one

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:40 PM):
please stop

game says (11:40 PM):
phish you know you agree

game says (11:41 PM):
even emmy agreed about him looking young

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:41 PM):
I have no comment on this
this is all you game
im staying nuetral

game says (11:42 PM):

Sam says (11:42 PM):
I know he looks young
but its weird that you think my dad is hot

game says (11:42 PM):
ima prank call where tyler works again
i was joking

Sam says (11:42 PM):
i know its true.

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:42 PM):
i dont think you were game

game says (11:42 PM):
you two know me too well

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:43 PM):
well yeah we know u think sams a mother fucking goddess

game says (11:43 PM):

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:44 PM):

game says (11:44 PM):
don’t make me kick you off whore

Sam says (11:44 PM):
why would you kick him off?
hes just quoting YOU

PHISH “Shamokin” PHREAK ))(( says (11:44 PM):
because im truthfull

Sam says (11:44 PM):
if you’re embarassed about it, then maybe you shouldn’t have said it in the first place
creepy motherfucker